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Retrato de David Kostoya

Retrato de David Kostoya

  T he Xoán de Lugo Institute seeks to produce and disseminate studies and opinions in the field of social sciences to promote the values of free market, private property and a society of free individuals. Its geographical scope is primarily the galician society, but studies and considerations about other areas of interest, in accordance with these values, will be included.

  Its main goal is to provide studies of academic and informative nature that promote the knowledge of the different schools in the fields of economics, sociology and political science to foster the development of freedom in all walks of life. It is also open to discussions in the fields of arts and natural sciences in relation to the achievements that can be of relevance in this regard.

  We appreciate anyone willing to share with us their knowledge, ideas, comments and criticisms.


Miguel Anxo Bastos Boubeta

Presidente Associaçom Xoan de Lugo